“This is the dawn of the era
of preventable Alzheimer’s disease.”

 Robert Lufkin MD, Host and Clinical Professor, USC Keck School of Medicine

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Let's prevent Alzheimer's disease!

Imagine a world where Alzheimer's disease is preventable.
That world is here now.

Learn from the best minds in Alzheimer’s research as they work toward one common goal:

The Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease.

The Prevention Revolution - Session 01

Over five million Americans have Alzheimer's disease and one out of three 80 year olds suffers from it. The revolutionary good news is that over half of these cases are preventable.

Alzheimer's disease used to be thought of as a mysterious condition somehow caused by the accumulation of amyloid beta in the brain that was refractory to all attempts and unlimited resources to find a drug to treat it.  

It is now increasingly understood to be not a primary brain disease but a complex multifactorial systemic disease manifesting with the cognitive impairment symptoms in the brain.  These causative factors include various toxins, deficiencies, and metabolic dysfunction from insulin resistance and inflammation combined with the individuals' genetic and social history. Over the next 2 days we will hear from experts about the latest thinking about how these risk factors affect us and how we can best mitigate that risk to prevent Alzheimer's disease in ourselves, our loved ones, and anyone else who will listen.

 In this first day we hear from a medical doctor who has shown that Alzheimers disease can be reversed, a patient who actually reversed her dementia, and a physician who is implementing the plan in her treatment center. 

The Oral Cavity and Alzheimer's Risk - Session 02

The oral cavity is becoming increasingly important in our understanding of risk for Alzheimer's disease.  This is also true for other major chronic related diseases such as diabetes, stroke, heart attack, hypertension, and cancer. Today we will take a close look at the menagerie of organisms that inhabit our mouths and how we can begin to tame them. Next we will examine the potential dangers that our oral airway configuration can create and how they affect cognition.

Nutrition to Prevent Alzheimer's - Session 03

Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food”  - Hippocrates

One of the most powerful health tools that we possess is the ability to choose our nutrition. Today we will look at the strong ties between decreased glucose utilization and cognitive impairment as well as how centuries old wisdom influences modern thinking about prevention and treatment of dementia.

Preventing Alzheimer's - Session 04

Today we are going to examine an often overlooked cause of cognitive impairment that we have all been exposed to. Next we will hear about the top six lifestyle choices that we can make to prevent Alzheimer's disease. And finally we will hear about the value of coaches to help us stay on course with the lifestyle changes needed for prevention to be effective.

Alzheimer's Risk Evaluation - Session 05

Today we look at an innovative program for Alzheimer's prevention as well as two other essential tools for evaluating risk for the disease. 

Our DNA plays a major role in our risk for the disease, not just with ApoE4 and MTHFR alleles but a growing list of other SNPs that influence our metabolism and inflammation. The role of head trauma (even that below the level of a concussion) is making us rethink certain sports and other activities. 

Three Prevention Approaches - Session 06

There are many ways to approach the prevention of Alzheimer's disease. Different strategies can work best depending on the situation. Here are three approaches to Alzheimer's prevention. Two are high tech, investigational, and expensive. The third is widely available and essentially free. 

Magnetic Resonance for Prevention - Session 07

Magnetic resonance imaging has revolutionized medical diagnostic imaging.  The recent addition of deep learning artificial intelligence allows detailed quantification of hippocampal volumes and other biomarkers which were not possible even a decade ago. This creates new tools for prevention and risk assessment. 

Final Day  - Session 08

Welcome to Session 8!! Today we look at three separate topics equally important for Alzheimer's prevention. The first is the importance of messaging and getting the word out. Many people including physicians and other health care providers are still not aware of the latest work.

Next is one more possible biomarker for risk of the disease that doesn't require scanning, specimen collection, and is freely available. 

The last is one more out of the box strategy for risk mitigation. 


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“At least half of all cases of Alzheimer's disease are preventable.”

 Robert Lufkin MD, Host and Clinical Professor, USC Keck School of Medicine

We now have the power to prevent (and even reverse in some cases) Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

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