MR Whole Body Scan

The best way to beat cancer and other diseases is to detect them early. The idea of screening is to try to detect cancer or other diseases early, before they would normally appear.
On average, 80% of people who are able to diagnose cancer early survive for longer than 5 years, versus only 20% for those who detect cancer at later stages. Some cancers are already routinely screened for. 

In addition to cancers, we can also identify over 500 common and rare conditions. Please let us know if you have any questions about particular conditions that you are interested in.

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Fully diagnostic, non-invasive and meticulous, our MR Whole Body Scans go far beyond standard whole body MRI scans and other screening methods. We use cutting-edge acquisition techniques, and unique analytic software to capture comprehensive and precise scans faster and more safely than ever before.

Artificial Intelligence Enabled

More and more research studies are showing that AI can play a valuable role in imaging, either through making radiologists more efficient and making fewer mistakes or in eventually replacing radiologists for some tasks. AI approaches are increasingly complementing our core clinical applications. Notably, we are excited about the power of AI to make imaging more quantitative and accurate which in turn could lead to earlier diagnoses and more successful interventions.

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Currently Available in Southern California

Nationwide locations are coming soon.

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